• Over the years huge book names have been added to our lists of great teen books, `Harry Potter' and `Twilight', and I would not be surprised that `Across the Pond' joins them.

  • Across the Pond definitely met all of my criteria... The story has great messages and the dialog is superb... I am donating a copy to my school's library.

  • Once I began to read, I could not put it down. I laughed, I cried... With Christmas just around the corner, it will be an outstanding gift.

  • This is a great read for Young Adult fiction fans... a refreshing twist on a romance novel... I know you will enjoy it, I did!

  • Across the pond..... Had everything in it from adventure to friendship ... all done in with great wit and taste

  • I loved this book and it's recommended to everyone.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed "getting to know" the characters... was very entertaining. ... I'll likely read this one again in the near future!

  • Across the Pond is a great read.

  • The perfect read for any age

  • Once I picked up this book, I could not put it down

  • Storyheart comes across as a modern day Judy Blume with Across The Pond.

  • For a solid read filled with adventure, humor, love, and "real-life"....I would definitely recommend this book.

  • I am 37-years-old and found that I could not stop reading once I started!

  • A love story as ageless as time itself.

  • Across the Pond is a rare treasure you shouldn't pass on.

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